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16 Steps to Get
more Treatment Plans
Accepted Today
Dr. Jorge André Cardoso
Dentist & Founder of Makemeclear
1 Speak to the moment
2 Build rapport
3 Use a 3 step presentation: Situation > Aggravation > Solutions.
4 The power of an aesthetic mock-up for plan presentation
5 Always Present Stages and Alternatives. Never "all or nothing".
6 Make 3 to 5 points to explain something
7 Don´t pressure. Inform.
8 Be Clear, Objective and use Metaphors
9 Be unattached to the outcome and learn to master the process
10 Expect & solve questions, criticism and confusion
11 Anticipate failures and additional procedures
12 Approach Money and Payment issues with clarity
13 Learn to deal with financial constraints
14 Be a Real Expert
15 Have a system in place
16 Present a compelling written case
Dr. Jorge André Cardoso
Founder of Makemeclear
Jorge André Cardoso graduated in dentistry in Porto and pursed his studies at Kings College in London where he earned a MClinDent in Prosthodontics and keeps collaborating as a Postgraduate Tutor. His interests include prosthodontics, aesthetis restorative dentistry and periodontics, areas where he has published in several peer-reviewed journals such as EJED and JERD. Jorge Andre is an active international lecturer and featured on online education sites such as DentalXp. He runs a private practice in Portugal focused on comprehensive esthetics together with an interdisciplinary team of colleagues. MakeMeClear is one of his projects to help dentists improve their communication with patients.